Carpathian Stock Exchange

The Bregna Stock Exchnage

The Kingdom of Carpathia is the world's second largest economy and since the 19th century has been on of the most influential and powerful. The nation is a global centre for banking and finance with Bregna, the capital, the world's largest financial and corporate centre.

The Carpathian economy is primarily focused on the service sector, however it does have a considerable manufacturing sector, primarily focused on high-tech and clean industry. The agriculture sector is also of national importance with highly lucrative exports such as wine, beef and fruits.

Carpathia was one of the first nations to industrialise alongside the United Kingdom and Amagosa and the country has evolved into one of the world's most developed, globalised and technologically sophisticated economies.


Pre-Industrial RevolutionEdit

The Industrial RevlolutionEdit

Age of EmpireEdit

Early 20th CenturyEdit

The Second World WarEdit

Late 20th CenturyEdit

21st CenturyEdit




Mining and quarryingEdit


Electricity, gas and water supplyEdit


Service industriesEdit

Banking and Financial ServicesEdit

Wholesale and retail tradeEdit

Hotels and restaurantsEdit

Transport, storage and communicationEdit

Real estate and lettingsEdit

Public administration and defenceEdit


Health and social workEdit

4.3.9 Other social and personal services

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