This page is for all Facts, Figures and Statistics on The People's Republic of Nanzhao

Health Edit

Birth rate

16.47/1000 population (2008)

Death rate

7.00/1000 population (2008)

Infant mortality rate

18.66/1000 population (2008)

Life expectancy at birth

74.62 years (2007)

Consumption of Cigarettes

1.285 Trillion

Causes of death

The main causes of death in 2007 in Urban areas


2.Respiratory Diseases

3.Cardiovascular Diseases

4.Traffic accidents


Access to services

Percentage of population having access to electricity: 96%

Percentage of total population with safe public water supply: 64.70%

HIV/AIDS Adult prevalence rate


Total Number of People living with HIV/AIDS

6,080,000 (1st)

Environment Edit

Air quality

Percentage of population breathing clean air 23% 349,600,000

Endangered species protection


CO2 Emissions

2,500,646 (1st) (in thousands of metric tons)

CO2 Emissions Per Capita

Energy Edit

Wall plugs > Plug type

Electricity Consumption

3,160,500,000 (MW·h/yr) (2nd)

Electrical outages in days

Media Edit

Number of Moble phones

991,500,000 (1st)

Thats % of the Population

Number of Telephone lines in Use

412,500,000 (1st)

Number of PC's (In thousands)

60,450 (3rd)

Number of Televisions

580,000,000 (1st)

Internet Service Providers


Internet users

492,500,000 (1st)

Broadband Subscribers

91,206,500 (1st)

Transport Edit

Total Number of motor vehicles Owned


Left or Right


Bus Production

93,890 (1st)

Car Production

4,450,100 (3rd)

Light commercial vehicle production

1,940,000 (2nd)

Heavy truck production

460,200 (2nd)

Merchant Marine Capacity

3,190 (2nd)

Other Edit

Emergency Services Numbers

Police: 110

Ambulance and Fire: 119

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