Heifei Skyline
Nanzhao provinces map Guangdong
Location of Guangdong
Vital statistics
Origin of name guǎng - "Wide"

dōng - east

Administrative type Province
Capital Heifei
Largest City Heifei
Governor Huang Huahua
Area 381,523Km2
Population 101,120,000


GDP Nominal $670.7 Billion


HDI 0.830 (High)

Guangdong is a Province of The People's Republic of Nanzhao. It is Nanzhao's second most populus Province at 101 Million after Shandong.

The Capital and Largest city is Heifei with an Urban population of 7.3 Million with the second largest city in Guangdong being Yiyang with an Urban population of 5.6 Million.

Name Edit

"Guang" itself means "expanse" or "vast", and Dong means East and so literally means Vast East.

History Edit

Economy Edit

Guangdong's economy is very large compared to the smaller provinces of Nanzhao. It's Primary sector accounted for about 8.2% of it's GDP with Industry and the Service sectors accounting for 44.4% and 48.4% respectivly.

Shantou is the largest Port in Guangdong and the second largest in Nanzhao handling 325 Million Tonnes.

Administrative Divisions Edit

Guangdong is made up of 14 Adminstrative Divisions


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