The Guangxi - Shanxi Basin (Guanganese: ) is a lowland region in southeastern Nanzhao. It comprises the south-central and western parts of Shanxi province, as well as northern Guangxi. Due to its relative flatness and fertile grounds, it is heavily populated with a population of more than 100 million. It is home to over 74% of Shanxi's total population, about 71 million people and In addition to being a dominant geographical feature of the region, the Guangxi - Shanxi Basin also constitutes a cultural sphere that is distinguished by its own unique customs, cuisine, and dialects. It is also called the "Red Basin." It is famous for rice cultivation.

The Basin is over 270,150Km2, with a density of 415.3/Km2 making it one of the densest region's in Nanzhao and due to this density the enviroment has suffered greatly with much of the sub-tropical woodland only being found on the slopes and in small protected patches within the basin.

Mountain Ranges Edit

The Basin is surrounded by the Longmen Mountains in the East and North East. And the Fuling mountains to the east between Guangxi and Guangdong and Hainan

Farming Edit

The Basin is a major rice producing area of Nanzhao but over 88% of the rice grown is consumed locally. The basin is also where many tropical fruits and vegetables are grown due to the tropical climate created from the mountains, they include: Bannanas, Pineapples, Mango's, Mandarin's and Oranges that are grown and mostly exported.

Urban Areas Edit

The Basin is home to both the capital of Shanxi, Qingdao and Changsha in Guangxi.

List of Urban Areas in the Basin by PopulationEdit

City Metro Area Population Province Administrative Area Population
Qingdao 7,300,000 Shanxi 10,700,000
Changsha 6,750,000 Guangxi 11,000,000
Fuzhou 4,400,000 Shanxi 12,100,000
Chengdu 3,590,000 Shanxi 5,912,000
Wuhu 3,500,000 Guangxi 6,700,000
Wuxi 3,260,000 Shanxi 7,100,000
Hebi 1,430,400 Guangxi 3,200,000
Changning 1,000,000 Guangxi 10,200,000
Minghang 923,389 Guangxi 5,370,400
Zhaoqing 912,200 Shanxi 3,405,200
Tainshan 847,000 Guangxi 2,380,000
Taizhou 650,600 Guangxi 1,350,000
Deyang 600,450 Shanxi 4,520,000
Jiangbei 512,800 Shanxi 2,980,000
Ezhou 429,200 Shanxi 1,300,200
Xianning 410,280 Shanxi 3,210,220

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