Kunshan (Mandarin: 昆山) is Shandong's capital and third largest city with an Urban population of 3.8 Million and the entire prefecture Level city having 7,280,000 (2007).

Kunshan is a tertiary level city with an advanced service sector accounting for 67% of the GDP.

Economy Edit

Kunshan is home to the Kunshan Import and Export Fair, The fair is a major event in Kunshan and in Nanzhao attracting hundreds of Thousands of investors.

In 2008, the GDP reached a record high of 580.65 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6% over 2007.

Kunshan is home to many electronic manufacturing plants where more high end consumer electronics are made such as Laptops, Mobile Phones and Portable music devices.

The city also is home to Kunsan Automobiles with the main factory being located in the Satellite town of Yixing, Huawei, Tencent and Kunshan Electronics.

Kunsan Port is the forth largest in Nanzhao handling over 205 Million tonnes in 2007.

Malls Edit

Kushan is home to the fourth largest shopping centre in Nanzhaou, The Mall of Kushan wth 297,000 m² Gross Leasable Area.

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