This is a list of countries on Gaea by their largest cities

Kingdom of Batavia Edit

Kingdom of Carpathia Edit

  • Bregna
  • Caledonia
  • Westminster
  • Chester
  • Radley
  • Newbridge
  • Port Hampton
  • Carrick Mount
  • Oxbridge
  • Fortwilliam
  • Larne
  • Vandross

The Democracy of Émsoulle LuxiaEdit

  • Xînîngdong
  • Cîte Shantén
  • Porte-au-Heifan
  • Leifzie
  • Leisanjin
  • Matô-ien
  • Kanjing Bhét
  • Cîte Týntýnýne
  • Shun Zhet Vîn
  • Prajinsa Alorai
  • Yuuanlei
  • Cîte Loon Sha Kym
  • Nouv-Feijinxi
  • Xhei-au-Montaine
  • Tian
  • Niét Cheungshi
  • Pyingxîng-Ço
  • Ju Keifei Shek

Kingdom of Engedal Edit

  • Holmskjold


People's Republic of Nanzhao Edit

Kingdom of Svalden Edit

Kingdom of Vallaures Edit

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