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This list is sorted by a-z based upon the 3-AC code


MiniflagATR Republic of Atridea (ATR)
MiniflagBAT Kingdom of Batavia (BAT)
MiniflagBRM Brescian Republic and Menton (BRM)
MiniflagENG Kingdom of Engedal (ENG)

Flag of the Republic of Eterdriana Republic of Eterdriana (ETR)
MiniflagSUD Federal Republic of Sudreich (SUD)
MiniflagSVA Kingdom of Svalden (SVA)
Norsefire United Kingdom (UKD)


MiniflagCAR Kingdom of Carpathia (CAR)
File:MiniflagPSD.jpg Posidos (PSD)

File:MiniflagUCA.jpg United Commonwealth of Amagosa (UCA)


18px The Federal Republic of Mexican States (MEX)


Flag of Bhaktapur The Republic of Bhaktapur (BTP)
MiniflagÉLX The Democracy of Émsoulle Luxia (ÉLX)
800px-Flag of the City of Harbin svg Harbin Special Administrative Region (HAR)

MiniflagNZO People's Republic of Zhonghua (NZO)
Pavflag miniwikisize1 United Menshevik Republics of Pavlovsk (PAV)
MiniflagUSU Ušú-kalam (USU)


File:MiniflagMBS.jpg Republic of Mimbasa (MBS)
MZM-flag Mozambanian State (MZM)

MiniflagSWE Southwest Ehrlichia (SWE)


MiniflagCBR Commonwealth of Canterbury (CBR)

NSFlag Nieuw Seeland (NSL)

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