Montería is the largest city and capital city of Venezuela. The city is located in the Lima Valley on the coast looking out towards The Granadine Confederation.

Together with Lima it forms the continous urban area know as the Montería Metropolitian Area with a population over 7 million and is the third largest city on Montia after Mexico City, ??? and Paracas. Montería has been classified as a Beta world city.

Montería is expected to be a mega city by 2020 making it the third on the continent.

Geography Edit

The city is located on the northern edge of the largest desert on Montia but has a subtropical climate with very humid air and despite being located within one of the driest places on the planet the city has an abundance of water with three rivrs running through the city.

Economy Edit

Lima peru 9

Montería is the industrial and finacial centre of Venezuela home to many national companies and many TNC's. The city produces about 40% of the countries economy or about $92 Billion.

In recent years there has been a growth in light industries and the service sector which already accounts for 48% of the economy.

The Lima Container Port is one of the largest on Montia with 50% of all exports and 70% of all import's using the port which has been expanded to help with the growth.

Montería is the headquaters of many large banks in Venezuela including Banco de Montería, El banco comercial de Venezuela, Venezuela financiera, Banco de crédito de Venezuela and many insurance companies such as Seguridad de Venezuela, Compañía de seguros de Venezuela, Compañía de seguros de Montería limitada and San Isdro Seguros.

Also manu other large Venezuelan companies have their HQ's in Montería such as Motores de Montería, Transporte de Venezuela and PetroVen.

Administrative Divisions Edit

Montería is split up into 22 Districts including Lima.

Map # Name Population Area Population Density
Monteria City Districts
1 El Centro 53,500
2 Lima Centro 512,400
3 San Isidro 367,402
4 Mercado Central 830,220
5 San Juan de Lurigancho 476,096
6 Independencia 1,270,100
7 La Paz 453,940
8 Magdalena del Mar 348,800
9 Costa Verde 345,700
10 Santa Rosa 378,460
11 Lima District 224,390
12 El Carmen 782,554
13 Bellavista 400,567
14 Villa El Salvador 106,128
15 Ica 196,400
16 San Martín 94,590
17 Tarapoto 160,340
18 Arequipa 851,166
19 San Vicente de Cañete 122,407
20 Chala 180,200
21 Puerto Escondido 78,300
22 Callao 520,440