Nanzhao provinces map Shandong
Location of Shandong
Vital statistics
Origin of name shān - mountain

dōng - east

Administrative type Province
Capital Kunshan
Largest City Changshu
Governor Jiang Daming
Area 374,000Km2 *Approx*
Population 120,150,000


GDP Nominal $734 Billion

Per Capita: $6,109

HDI 0.835 (high)

Shandong is a Province of The People's Republic of Nanzhao. It is Nanzhao's most populus Province at 120 Million.

The Capital City is Kunshan with an Urban population of 3.2 Million and the Largest city in Shandong is Changshu with an Urban population of 6.8 Million.

Since the inception of economic reforms in 1973, Shandong has been a hot spot for economic development, and is now one of Nanzhao's most prosperous provinces.

History Edit

Economy Edit

Shandong has the largest economy out of all the other provinces. This is due to it's huge manufacturing capacity.

Shandong has coal, petroleum, and natural gas deposits along with many metals such as Iron, Aluminuim, Mercury and Nickel. The economic reforms have greatly benefited southern and coastal cities, especially Changshu, Kunshan and Yangzhou while northern and more inland cities have seen little to no benefits, especially Ganzhou.

Shandong boasts 3 international size ports in the cities of Changshu, Kunshan and Yangzhou.

Administrative Divisions Edit

Shandong is made up of 16 Administrative Divisions.


Kunshu Edit

Kunshu is an informal term used to describe the large urban area of Kunshan and Changshu. Kunshu has an Urban population of around 10 Million making it one of the largest urban areas in Nanzhao.

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