Gù'téš'a Ensi'kur'ra Ušú'kalam
Usu-kalam flag Usu-kalam emblem
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "Ék Ára En"
"For the Glory of En"
Anthem: "Gir Ǧíg'ud Gán"
"We of the Black Sun Land"
Usu-kalam location
Capital Zanakeš
Largest city Zanakeš
Official language(s) Ungasangi

Federal Constitutional
Elective Monarchy
Šarmenzidana of Girza
Utu-Šulkar of Anbar
From someone

 • Total
 • Water (%)

391,000 km² (-)
 • - est.
 • 2009 census

 • Density
- (-)

18.1/km² (-)
 • Total
 • Per capita
- estimate
- (-)
- (-)
GDP (nominal)
 • Total
 • Per capita
- estimate
- (-)
- (-)
Gini (-) - – -
HDI (-) - - – -
Currency Ušúri Šekel (USU)
Time zone
 • Summer (DST)
- (UTC-)
- (UTC-)
Internet TLD .ma .ušú
Calling code +595

Ušú-kalam (Ungasangi: Gù'téš'a Ensi'kur'ra Ušú'kalam‎, United Ensiates of Ušú-kalam, Latin: Niger Solis, Atridean: Μαυρέλιος, Maurelios) is a federation of eleven ensiates situated in the Ša'gána Peninsula in Southern Uberia, between the Gulf of Elam and the Kurosean Sea, bordering Tahrisia, Balqashtan and Nonamistan. Ušú-kalam consists of eleven states, termed ensiates, which are Anbar, Darišé, Gánapeš, Girza, Mušen-danna, Risilim, Šen, Túgallak, Uššáridim, Zalid, and Zanakeš. The capital and largest city of Ušú-kalam is Zanakeš. It is also the country's center of political, industrial, and cultural activities. Anunnakine Polytheism is the official religion, and Ungasangi is the official language.

History Edit

Main Article: History of Kalam

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Geography of of Ušú-kalam.

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Government of Ušú-kalam.

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Foreign Policy of Ušú-kalam.

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Political Divisions of Ušú-kalam.

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Demographics of Ušú-kalam.

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Education in Ušú-kalam.

Economy Edit

Economy of Ušú-kalam.

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Infrastructure in Ušú-kalam.

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Religion in Ušú-kalam: Anunnakine Polytheism

Culture of Ušú-kalam.

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