The Yellow River Delta (YRD) in north eastern Nanzhao is the low-lying area alongside the Yellow River estuary where the Yellow River flows into the East Nanzhao Sea. Since economic liberalisation was adopted by the government in the early 1970s, the delta has become one of the leading economic regions and a major manufacturing centre of Nanzhaoand Gaea. The Nanzhese government hopes that the manufacturing in Shandong, combined with the financial and service economy and traditional capitalistic influence in Harbin will create an economic gateway attracting foreign capital throughout mainland Nanzhao.

The Delta has a population of about 50 Million people and a density of 2,257/Km2 making the region the densest in Nanzhao.

Geography Edit

Economy Edit

In 1974, Changshu was awarded the status of the first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and since then has now become the third largest city in Nanzhao.

The primary cog in the growth is the SAR of Harbin that has provided much of the foriegn capital in the region.

The region is only 0.1% of the land but accounted for over 9.5% of Nanzhao's total GDP Nominal. But with all this economic growth the environment has suffered greatly with the Yellow River Delta being the fourth most polluted region on Gaea.

Metropolitian Areas Edit

There are three primary urban area.

Core cities: Changshu, Harbin, Kunshan, Jingdezhen, Yangzhou & Yingtan.

List of Urban Areas in the Basin by PopulationEdit

City Metro Area Population Administrative Area Population
Changshu 13,955,000 15,700,000
Harbin 10,450,300 10,450,300
Yangzhou 3,960,000 6,400,000
Kunshan 3,850,000 5,643,000
Jingdezhen 3,600,000 7,000,000
Yingtan 1,420,000 5,470,000

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